Nike NFL: Miami Dolphins

CGI and Retouching

This was part of a 3 image campaign (and part of a larger multi-image project as well) we completed for photographer Marcus Eriksson.  Nike redesigned the uniforms for 3 NFL teams and wanted to create some thematic, and dramatic, imagery to accompany the release of the new designs.

This concept required a winter landscape, with an stylized representation of viking longship crashing into the ground and the landscape exploding into a flurry of action. It meant extensive CG and retouching work from several HA network artists, as well as plenty of work by Marcus himself. It was quite a team effort in the end.

To create the background action we enlisted Anselm at Incendii. He created a dynamic simulation to generate the exploding ice chunks and fracturing landscape.  These were hand textured and finessed by HA, and further elements were created by hand as well as being culled from photographs by Marcus and some stock imagery. Rowan Simpson built the boat for us and Marcus supplied the sails and worked them into place based on his own photography.

The grassy field and snowy foreground elements were created fully in CG.

A team of Heavy Artillery retouchers worked on the initial talent retouching and final post, along with a great deal of work by Marcus – who is an accomplished retoucher in his own right.

The final image is a true collaborative effort. Check it out in detail via the images at right, and here for a process video.

Models: Rowan Simpson/Incendii VFX
Ice/Particle Dynamics:  Incendii VFX
CG and Post Production:  Heavy Artillery
Photography: Marcus Eriksson  (Adrian Peterson headshot provided by Nike)