Nike NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars

CGI and Retouching

This was part of a 3 image campaign (and part of a larger multi-image project as well) we completed for photographer Marcus Eriksson.  Nike redesigned the uniforms for 3 NFL teams and wanted to create some thematic, and dramatic, imagery to accompany the release of the new designs.

For Jacksonville the the concept played off the jungle/jaguar theme. The entire jungle and ground were created in CG by Lukasz Szeflinski and contains an insane amount of detail as we were unsure how much would be needed in the final image.  The final images show just a hint of the depth that was built.

Anselm at Incendii VFX created all the flying water particle systems for us and we then rendered a range of frames to create the bits and pieces needed to create the look of Blackmon exploding out of the wet jungle backround. The mist and finer sprays of water came from photographs supplied by Marcus.

Extensive talent retouching was done by the H/A team and the final compositing was yet again a collaboration with Marcus who put the final image together and finessed the look and feel extensively.

Check it out in detail via the images at right, and here for a process video.

Models: Lukasz Szeflinski (
Fluid Dynamics: Incendii VFX
CG and Post Production:  Heavy Artillery
Photography: Marcus Eriksson  (Justin Blackmon headshot provided by Nike)