[dropcap_2]A[/dropcap_2]s an independent artist working with Heavy Artillery, the images you create with us become part of our portfolio, but also part of your own. All jobs we do together are always eligible to appear in the Heavy Artillery portfolio (online, or meatspace versions) but it will always be at our discretion to show the work. With only a few exceptions you will always be free to show the work in your own portfolio as well.

When joint work is shown in the Heavy Artillery portfolio, or in any awards submissions or marketing materials, it will be credited as follows:  Heavy Artillery (featuring: Artist X) or Heavy Artillery (featuring Artist X; Artist Y, Artist Z) etc. Whenever you show the work in your own portfolio you must also credit us, and any other contributing artists, in a similar fashion.  The goal here is to ensure that everyone is credited for the work they do, but it must remain clear that it was a Heavy Artillery project.



[dropcap_2]Y[/dropcap_2]ou may not show the work in your portfolio if you are *only* acting as a Lead Artist  overseeing the work of  other artists, but not actually doing any finishing work. Essentially, you have to clock a day on a job to be credited, but if you have an active creative role, as well as providing oversight and direction, then credits may be appropriate and you can show it with a caveat explaining your role. Heavy Artillery will sort it out on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Production artists can also show the work in their portfolios, but there will be some cases where it is not appropriate to do so. The primary examples will be with retouching jobs.  If you are acting as a production artist under a lead artist on a retouching job (or post production on a CG project) then you can only show the work to the point you finished it. This prevents someone from showing the final polished result of a different artist as their own work – but please keep in mind that the Lead Artist may not show that image without giving you a joint credit too.

Credits can be a bit sticky because there is a lot of overlap of roles, and because the line between a Production and Lead artist can certainly get a bit fuzzy. Heavy Artillery will always act as final arbiter on how credit and portfolio showing policies are implemented for every project.